Does Feng Shui Really Work?

With the Chinese New Year on February 19, we entered the Year of the Golden Sheep, welcoming a time of peace, harmony, creativity and generosity. This time of year always inspires me to take stock of the flow of energy in my life.  As a student of the ancient Chinese Art of Feng Shui for over twenty years now, I’ve learned some interesting ways to improve the energy of my home and office to enhance my success, happiness and general well-being. I find that by implementing the principles I’ve learned, I can create environments that are both energetically vibrant and aesthetically pleasing.

photo by John Ragai

Some of the things I do to activate the flow of energy, or chi, in my home and office are: keep the entryway to my home clean and free of clutter; locate beds in the corner of the room furthest from the door so that one can see the entrance from the bed; use plants, crystals, lamps and color with the cardinal directions, keeping the elements of fire, earth, air, water and metal in mind. I also have a fountain in the entry room to stimulate the flow of abundance. In the kitchen, I keep the stove top clean, make sure that all of the burners work well, and I use them all in turn. This stimulates multiple flows of abundance into my household. I keep the refrigerator clean and clear out old food that has lost its vitality. In the dining room, I place a small mirror on the ceiling above the table, so it will reflect abundance, and I keep a beautiful bowl on the table with oranges and a pineapple, or whatever fruit is in season. There are many more ways to achieve good results using the art of feng shui, too many to address here. For a more detailed summary of how you can use feng shui, check out my dear friend, Gwynne Warner’s website, Ten Thousand Blessings Feng Shui:

I’ve been teaching my teen aged daughter some of the principles and have requested that she especially mind the bathroom. It’s very important to keep the toilet lid down when not in use and the door closed, 24/7. Think of it as keeping beneficial energy from flowing down the toilet! For whatever reason, my daughter usually leaves the lid up and the door open, which is undesirable not only energetically, but aesthetically, because the bathroom is visible from the living room. I’ve hung a light drape over the doorway to mitigate her forgetfulness, and I would rather that she lower the lid and close the door. This morning, after she again forgot to comply with my request, I shared the following story with her in hopes that it would motivate her to shift her awareness and become more mindful about energy.

Many years ago, I went to visit a friend in her new home and I noticed that the stove was right next to the refrigerator, with no space or barrier to separate the two – they were literally touching each other. I told her that, according to feng shui, her refrigerator was effectively canceling out her stove in terms of abundance energy, and I recommended that she place a piece of wood between the two. She appreciated my input, mentioning that her home-based business was not producing as she had hoped and money was tight; she wondered if curing the mistake would help. She did nothing, however, to mitigate the mistake.

A few weeks later, my friend asked me to feed her cat and water her plants while she was out of town. While I was there on the last day, I found a 2’X3′ piece of plywood in the shop on the property, moved the stove slightly, and inserted the wood between the stove and refrigerator. It was hardly noticeable, so I knew my friend would not mind my having placed it there. The next day I called to check in with her and she told me she’d received a great surprise the previous evening. She’d had an unexpected visit from a former associate whom she hadn’t seen in almost two years. He went by her house to give her some money he owed her (she’d long since given up on it); he paid her $3,000 – twice the amount she’d already written off as uncollectible!

I laughed, telling my friend about the plywood feng shui cure in her kitchen. She was delighted and grateful. Did the plywood really affect the flow of abundance so dramatically and immediately? Although I believe it easily could have, I can’t say for sure. What I do know is that it was very easy and low cost to separate the stove from the refrigerator, so in case fung shui really does work, it paid off big time!

Will lowering the lid and keeping the bathroom door closed 24/7 help to increase abundance (or prevent it from going to waste down the toilet)? Maybe, and in any case, it is definitely much more aesthetically pleasing that way!

What are some techniques you use to stimulate the flow of beneficial energy in your home or office? Please leave a comment below.


One thought on “Does Feng Shui Really Work?

  1. Great article Cheryl! As a Healthcare Interior Designer and a Feng Shui Practitioner, one of the first things I look at in a space (including mine) is how the front door feels (the mouth of ch’i) and what it says about the people who live or work in that space. If you want to attract new opportunities and blessings to your life ASAP, clean the exterior of your front door and place a gorgeous new welcome mat, big enough for two people to stand on side by side. Then get to dressing up your front entrance with a beautiful medium to large wind chime, perhaps two potted plants, other accessories your love and (if you want to stand out from the crowd) paint your front door a gorgeous and bright color like red, purple or green!

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