I’m Cheryl Plotner, founder of Expanding Possibilities Coaching. I work with people wCheryl website 1ho are ready to heal chronic illness, stress burnout, stuck traumas and limiting beliefs, starting with the foundation for all wellness: the nervous system. When our nervous systems are healthy and free of stored trauma, we can cultivate resilience through daily practices such as mindfulness, gratitude, and holistic lifestyle choices. With a solid neurological foundation and resilient daily living, one can bounce forward beyond stress and adversity toward a truly vibrant, fulfilling life of purpose, passion and wisdom.

I’m highly intuitive and deeply compassionate by nature, so teaching, coaching and supporting others in healing themselves is a natural path of service for me. I’m the middle child of seven in a family that has had it’s share of major life stresses: disability, divorce, serious injury, surgery, death, financial hardship, addiction and dysfunction. Some of my earliest memories are of myself facilitating conflict resolution between siblings, or intervening on behalf of a younger brother when our mother, overwhelmed by stress and fatigue, would need extra support.

Although a career in counseling psychology or some other healing modality may have seemed like a great fit as I considered what to study in college, by the time I graduated from high school I was eager to shed the role I’d taken on. I needed to break away and do something very different, so I decided to delay going to college and work as a waitress for a couple of years instead. As it turned out, I avoided  answering the call to service as an agent of change for many years, after working in several different careers.

My professional history reflects my adventurous spirit and thirst for novelty: I’ve worked as a waitress, a bartender and a chef – I even owned my own Chinese restaurant at the age of 19; I was an Electronics Technician in the US Navy; after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Soil Science I worked in the seed industry as a field crop inspector; I taught Mathematics, Algebra and Chemistry in Guatemala; I lived and worked on the kitchen team at a hot spring retreat center in the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. I even learned how to operate a trak hoe, helping to replace a large flume in the hydroelectric system at the retreat center.

When my only child was born I took time off to focus on motherhood and child rearing, an experience that brought me full circle in my path of healing and spiritual growth. When my daughter was almost four years old, I finally allowed myself to open to the path I’m on now, as a Holistic Healing Facilitator and Life Coach.

In 2005 I trained in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Humanistic NLP Coaching, then began my career as a Personal Development Coach. In 2013 I trained in Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Re-imprinting, adding two powerful energy modalities to my transformation tool kit, and in January, 2015 I became a Professional Co-Active Coach through The Coaches Training Institute.